Wang Videography


WANG Videography was borne out of the dream of a group of senior videographers from Imagine Nation Photography to produce more creative and personal videos for clients. In 2008, WANG Videography was created.

Why Our Name, WANG?

One, because the name of its founder John Mateos Ong in Mandarin is Wang. Second and more importantly, because Wang is “King” in Mandarin. John Mateos Ong and the entire team has dedicated the company to its C.E.O., Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

After its break as a video service-offering company separate from Imagine Nation Photography, Wang Videography has consistently proven that making Jesus Chris as its center produces excellent and creative work. Last August 2010, the company was awarded a Bronze trophy in the Wedding and Events Videographers Association International (WEVA Int’l). One of its corporate videos, commissioned for Post Ad Ventures, was recognized in the International Lafarge Awards. Truly a testimony that if you commit to God your best, He will do the rest.

At present, WANG Videography is continually incorporating biblical values in its timeless video productions. Aside from shooting videos for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, WANG team members also share their talent, vision and passion with the community through engaging in outreach projects, like last March 2010’s Philippine General Hospital project dubbed, “I Can Beat It Cancer Kids Survivor” which is for the benefit of graduating cancer-survivor kids, sponsored by the PGH.