Wedding photography goes beyond the day itself. In recent years, prenuptial photography has caught a wave and has been riding it ever since. Prenuptials are important because it showcases the personality of the bride-and-groom to-be, lifting the veil that surrounds their romance.

Imagine Nation’s services can greatly improve your prenup photography experience. Our excellent roster of photographers collaborate with you all the way to your wedding photography package. We understand the importance of sharing of ideas, as this often leads to a very successful and pleasing day of shooting.

We will help you make a list of the things that you and your partner love doing. You may discover a common ground that can be used as your theme for the shoot. It may also act as your inspiration, giving the photographs more life and energy.

Our team will let your imagination run wild! Did you ever dream of being a Jedi Knight saving a princess from a villain, or a civilian protecting your loved one from a zombie outbreak? Your fantasies can greatly influence the way your photoshoot looks and feels.


An example of this could be if the couple is musically-inclined, they could perhaps hold a shoot at a famous club or bar such as 19 East or Saguijo. A prenup may or may not have a story as long as the personality of the couple shines in the poses, photographs, art direction, and setting. All of these factors contribute to the creativity of the shoot.

The concept of the prenup is almost always determined by the couple. Our photographers will cater to every detail needed for the shoot. Our photographers may also give suggestions based on their experience, should the need arise.


In line with collaboration, Imagine Nation’s prenup photographers will make sure you have a shot list. With our experience in the business, we have learned that it’s much better to be prepared than to shoot with random poses.

We also practice your poses before the day of the shoot. Being prepared is key in any photoshoot, most especially your prenup. Even if you have practiced, be ready to strike the most candid of prenup poses. These usually are the best shots in the whole process.

It doesn’t pay to be self-conscious, as this usually leads to very contrived and dull photographs. That is what Imagine Nation wants to avoid. We want each photograph to be vibrant and full of personality.

Prenup photographs can be used as material for the wedding day itself. Pictures of you and your beloved can be adorned on the AVP, invitations, guest list, post-event giveaways, and thank you letters to your friends and family.


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