Wedding Photographers in the Philippines strive hard to work with excellence. Imagine Nation Photography as a wedding photography company tries its best to push things forward by training up-coming wedding photographers in the philippines. We train them in handling the camera, teaching poses to the subject, knowing the right moment to shoot, adjusting the lens for proper lighting, etc.

We have Master wedding photographers, Seniors and Juniors. All of whom know how to use the camera and take a beautiful photo given the right moment and setting.

Here’s the top four Master photographers in our team:

John Mateos Ong

Known as Jong to his close friends, founded Imagine Nation in 2003. Though he has many titles under his belt — event manager, drummer, composer, dive instructor and master photographer to name a few. For him, there is one title that supersedes everything else — a slave to Jesus Christ. An atheist in high school, Jong reached a spiritual turning point in his life in 1995, which, as a result gave birth to Imagine Nation’s new mission – To build a solid progressive community of Christ committed followers who will Lead other people to Christ, Equip them with biblical truths and Inspire others to do the same.

This quickly caught fire and has produced to date seven batches of photographers to date who now use their talents and skill to love and serve the Lord. Jongs style of photography is unpredictable — being good in both candid and posed shots. Plus, being given the gift of communicating even to the most difficult clients have made Jong one of the most versatile photographers in the country. Add to that his sponge like attitude towards learning, it is very rare that you bump into a great artist and businessman in one person.

Derrick Ian Lim

Derrick believes that what he has, the eye that sees beauty in everything and the ability to capture split second moments, are talents that must be shared. That’s exactly what he has been doing in Imagine Nation wherein he especially finds joy in shooting weddings, where he captures the many moments embedded within–whether it be a a laugh, a tear, or a loving glance between the bride and the groom–because these instances are fleeting, but truly magical. The more Derrick shoots, the more he sees how everything falls together perfectly together and how he is in the right place to capture it. Derrick believes we are just instruments of a greater power and Imagine Nation’s tagline says it all: “God makes weddings beautiful… we simply capture them.” And with every click of Derrick’s camera, he makes it a tribute to the maker and giver of true love.

Jamie Lihan

Because of her love for Math, Jamie took up Management Engineering in Ateneo. But in her last semester, she decided to take up an elective that was pretty different from her usual Math-related subjects–Introduction to Drawing and Painting. It was her teacher here that led her to take up Basic Black & White Photography in UP after college graduation, which then triggered her passion for photography. Jamie believes that beauty comes from the littlest of things— a solitary flower’s bloom, a child’s laughter, or a bride’s sweet smile. For her, the simplest yet most beautiful things she can ever capture are those split-second moments when people are not aware that there is a camera: when they laugh, cry, make faces, or simply smile. Jamie enjoys juggling her time between her two passions: teaching Math and shooting. In these, she hopes to inspire more people to do what they love because she believes that is what God would want all to do and that is what will make them truly happy.

Alex Ruelo

Alex Ruelo knew he had the eye for photography but lacked the equipment and the experience to turn it into something more than just a hobby.  While in the US, he enrolled at the New York Institute of Photography, became a freelance photographer and focused on portraiture and weddings.  When he returned to the Philippines, he thought he could establish himself as a professional photographer, only to be surprised by the many known names already competing in the business. As fate would have it, Alex met John Mateos Ong, the owner of Imagine Nation at a camp.  He then decided to join the Purpose Driven Photographer workshop, and then applied for the apprenticeship program in Imagine Nation, and the rest, as they say, is history. Alex is now one of Imagine Nation’s professional photographers, he believes that the turn of events were not a simple twist of faith but God’s way of working in the life of somebody who was willing to surrender everything to Him. Alex feels he has finally found his place and his purpose in Imagine Nation and hopes that he will continue to glorify God in everything that he does.