Sakura Love

During Spring season, where else is the best place to have your engagement session? Japan, famous for their cherry blossoms or what they call Sakura. My couple, Mik and Chia decided to have their prewedding shoot in Japan. But it bloomed earlier in Tokyo and it started to fall by the time their shoot was scheduled. So I’ve researched another location where Sakura is still in full bloom. We headed north of Tokyo to Saitama Prefecture and found this beautiful spot. It’s surreal.


Oh yes! I did imagine them in that frame. Who wouldn’t fall in love all over again with this place?

It was like a paradise to them.

When we arrived there, the weather was 1 degree Celsius. Freezing cold right? But guess what? A snowfall surprised us… and according to Japan news,  it’s the recorded snow in April for the first time in five years. So are we lucky? HAHA. I believe so. Mik and Chia wanted to experience snow and they wanna see cherry blossom too… and God made it happened both at the same time. I love God’s humor though. :) The beautiful contrast of the cherry blossoms and the nanohana flowers are truly amazing.  Enjoy the rest of the set.


Imagine_Nation_Madoka_Tomas_Japan_prewedding Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding2 Imagine_Nation_Madoka_Tomas_japan_prewedding1 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding3 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding4

Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding5 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding6 copy Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding7 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding9 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding10


Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding12 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding13 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding14 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding16 Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding17

I’d like to commend my couple, Mik and Chia for braving the 1 degree Celsius weather, the snow and even the rain.

You guys did a great job! You nailed it! :))

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