Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What Are Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise My Photography Business?

A: Advertising your business is important, but sometimes it also gets very expensive. However, there are some painless ways to advertise such as social media, a blog or simply second shooting for a known photographer.

Q: What Makes A Great Boudoir Photo Shoot?

A: There are a couple of elements you have to throw into a boudoir shoot to make is successful. For instance, you need a great playlist during the shoot. Most importantly, you need bring out the confident woman in you.

Q: Why Should I Do Boudoir?

A: One great photograph can make you change your perspective of yourself.  It lets you be bolder and unleash a wild side once in a while. And it makes you aware that you don’t have to be embarrassed about your body. Hopefully, by doing boudoir you’ll realize you are more than what you think you are.

Q: What Is Bouoir Photography For?

A: Every woman is entitled to a secret. However in this case, “it” won’t remain in the shadows for too long. Whether it’s a photo of your baby bump, a pre-wedding suprise for your husband or just a celebration of your beauty – boudoir photography invigorates a woman’s soul.

Q: What Is Lomography?

A: Lomography is a unique kind of photography because it uses toy plastic cameras modeled after classic European compact cameras to take unpredictable pictures that are intentionally distorted to create effects and designs, such as blurring and color saturation.

Q: What Creative Principles Should Photographers Know About?

A: From technical levels of skill to the smallest qualities in character, every photographer should demonstrate discipline. For example, if you have a shoot scheduled – don’t be late!

Q: What iPhone Apps Are Awesome For Photography?

A: For those who don’t want to be limited by the filters offered by instagram, here are a few apps you’ll enjoy: Diptic, Tiny Planet Photos, Clone Camera and Photoshop Express.

Q: How Do I Use Photoshop’s Curves Adjustment Layer?

A: The curves adjustment layer gives your plain photo a more desirable effect. It’s better to work on these things in Photoshop because you have more control. Here’s a walkthrough of how you can use the curves layer.

Q: What Simple Photoshop Technique Can I Use To Enhance My Photos?

A: Even with a crappy camera, you can produce brilliant photos if you edit them with the proper techniques. One way to do so is by using the adjustment layer and filters in Photoshop.

Q:  As A Novice, How Should I Handle A Prenup Shoot?

A: To get capture the couples’ natural spark, you must first build a relationship with them. This shakes off the nerves and will inspire them to be more candid in front of the camera.

Q: Where Are The Best Prenup Shoot Locations In Manila?

A: The diverse locations of Metro Manila are flamboyant with stories – no wonder, lots of spots and places have been real favorites as prenuptial photo shoot locations. These places include Intramuros, Manila Bay, Fernbrook Gardens and much more.

Q: I’m Only Starting As A Wedding Photographer, Any Tips?

A: Wedding photography is not as easy as it looks. From capturing the most important moments, to the technicalities of taking those crucial shots, wedding photography is more than just point and shoot. So, take the time to exhaust photography blogs and check out the techniques that they teach.

Q: As An Amateur Wedding Photographer, How Should I Package My Services?

A: One sound piece of advice would be to give your clients good value. Don’t expect too much profit… yet. Keep in mind that you have to establish yourself before tapping into more lucrative income.

Q: What Are The Coolest Proposals You’ve Ever Seen?

A: Here are a few videos that’ll give you inspiration.

Q: Got Any Good Wedding Song Suggestions?

A: Check these out, maybe you’ll like a few.

Q: Where Can I Get Creative Inspiration For Graphic Design?

A: Advertising campaigns are usually a good place to start looking for some creative inspiration.

Q: What Are The Basic Portrait Light Setups?

A: There are 5 portrait light setups that every photographer should be familiar with: the butterfly, loop, rim, rembrandt and split.

Q: What Is Bokeh?

A: Bokeh (sounds like “bouquet”) comes from the Japanese term “boke” meaning blur or blur quality. In photography, it means a pleasing blur in a particular portion of a photograph characterized by semi-transparent orbs.

Q: Should I Still Practice Film Photography?

A: Film photography offers a different kind of quality that digital photography doesn’t have. It also trains you for a skill that you would otherwise cheat when using a DSLR.

Q: How Can I Make My Photo More Creative?

A: Light painting is an exciting and creative technique used in photography. It involves long exposures so that one can create lines, curves, or figures with light.

Q: What Fun Activities Can I Do To Prepare Myself For Marriage?

A: Feel free to check out these, well, chick flicks for you and your soon-to-be partner in life. We’ve made you a roster of 9 movies, you can watch their trailers here.

Q: How Extravagant Is Too Extravagant?

A: The most extravagant, or shall we say expensive, wedding ever recorded has been that of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. The estimated cost of their wedding clocks up to $137 million dollars!

Q: What Did Boudoir Photography Start?

A: Boudoir started in the 1920s as nude photography. During this era, photos of naked women were illegal and even considered pornography. But that all changed with the vision of a Frenchman named Albert Arthur Allen.

Q: What Makes A Good Poster?

A: There are plenty of formulas to make a movie poster eye-catching.  One technique used is the ‘simple, but striking’ imagery. See these examples.

Q: What’s A Good Hairstyle For My Prenup?

A: Like clothes, picking out the perfect hairstyle isn’t a work in the park. There are tons of styles to choose from but here are 5 classic hairstyles every bride-to-be should consider.

Q: How Can I Have A Strong Online Advertising Presence?

A: Use every technological innovation at your disposal. Social Media in itself is very powerful when successfully synced with content marketing.

Q: What Are The Different Lenses?

A: Lenses can generally be categorized into 3: Prime, Telephoto and Macro. Primes have a fixed focal length, but you can shoot at very low apertures. Telephoto gives you zoom powers, while macro let’s you the hidden world in details.

Q: What Makes A Photo A Work Of Art?

A: Clicking away does not make art. One-click filters do not make art. An artful photo is a culmination of skill and the photographers creative presentation.

Q: What Inspired You To Pursue Photography?

A: National Geographic has given us some of the greatest experiences both natural and technological through their exquisite archive of photos. It is through their stunning photographs that most photographers were inspired to capture moments as well.

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