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Even before discovering my love for photography, I’ve been in love with singing. Singing gives me a window to express myself. I started singing in front of crowds during high school. At first, it was just something my teacher talked me into doing. But after a few programs, I started to love the thought of singing in front of a crowd. Honestly speaking, what made me love it was the praise I got from the people after singing. People would tell me how good I was and I’d let the butterflies fly around my tummy.


Things were like this for a couple of years until a friend of mine asked me to sing on her debut.  The usual program went on and I finally had the spotlight on me during the father-daughter dance. That moment, though, was different.  It gave me a view not of myself but the love of a father and daughter. While I was singing, I looked at my friend and her father and realized this was a magical moment between them. This was a whole new window that opened for me.  My love for music and singing are now for a higher purpose.  God uses me as an accessory to make life events like these more special.

BIL_0072“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

Photography is not entirely a different story.  This window gave me another outlet for my expression and appreciation for the arts. So I applied for an apprenticeship under Imagine Nation last 2012 with those simple thoughts in mind. I wanted to contribute to the couples’ special moments.  When I capture photos, the songs that I sing, play significantly in the photos that I take. Photos are like telling stories and very much like songs – it is rolled with emotions of joy, love and excitement.  I want to be there to tell or even sing their love story.  I am once again an accessory not just to record a life masterpiece but to be able to glorify God through the photos I take.

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Bill Ti Yu

Bill is a full-grown chinese bear. He eats a lot and loves sleeping but he also has a big heart to go with it. He usually hides behind his camera trying to capture raw emotions of love. Bill tries to be unconventional in his photos while still being tasteful and chill. Check him out on Instagram or Facebook. If you like what you see then give him a like. or better yet, book him! LOL.

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