5 Online Advertising Tips That Will Surely Help Your Product

Online advertising is a completely different animal altogether. Unlike traditional advertising, where one just resorts to billboard and poster campaigns, online advertising has the unique feature of instantly reaching out to netizens and increase promo and sales, if done right.

If you’re excited to do just that with your product/service, here are several online advertising tips that will help your product. These can be applied in line with advertising photography as well.

online advertising

Tip #1: Use social media

Statistics show that most people spend 22% of their time online. Also, there are about 1.1 billion Facebook users in the world. That’s 1/7th of the world’s population on Facebook. This is advantageous because followers can immediately share or re-tweet online promo details to their friends. Your product/service can instantly get massive exposure online through cyber word-of-mouth.

Tip #2: Hold contests

To break the mold of standard sharing and re-posting of online campaigns, throw online contests! You can have mechanics such as these:

a) Take a picture of your favorite product.

b) Tell us why this is your favorite product to use everyday.

c) Post this on our page on or before _____ so it counts as an official contest entry.

d) The entry with the most likes from the FB universe wins a special prize.

The mechanics may very, but holding challenges like this will boost your online presence to your target market.

Tip #3: Respond quickly and courteously.

This is not considered direct advertising, but when people talk about how your company addressed their concern attentively and professionally, then they advertise your company. Remember that good customer service broadcast on FB or Twitter is good for business. It is worth noting that bad customer service has the reverse effect online.

Tip #4: Create short videos

If pictures seem plain, then use moving pictures! Create promo videos solely for the Internet. They cost cheaper since you don’t need to pay large fees for prime youtube mp3 slots on the Internet. You yourself need to monitor the time where traffic is best to post your video.

Alternatively, you can also post YouTube links of TVCs or upload them on your company’s FB profile since the youth today refer to the Internet more now instead of the TV.

Tip #5: Make sure your product is good

As mentioned earlier, good CS is good; bad CS is bad. This also applies to your product/service. If your product is spotless and in working condition when people use them, they will rave about it all over social media. If it isn’t, be prepared for damage control. Refer to tip #3 for that one.

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