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7 Cömert Ünlü Düğün

There’s nothing more entertaining and expensive than a celebrity getting hitched. Since they earn more, they spend more too. You can expect drop-dead gorgeous dresses, the most scrumptious food, the most expensive wedding photography services and of course famous faces. Nuptials aren’t an exception for their high-end lifestyle. In fact,
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Lighting 101: 5 Portrait Light Setups

Glamour photos, black and white close-ups, and astonishing portraits are excellently accomplished with the great help and gift of lighting. It is one of the key components in keeping the photo as natural or as creative as you desire. In wedding photography, lighting is of utmost importance, especially in doing
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20 Clever Advertising Campaigns

In advertising photography, your run-of-the-mill picture of your product is not enough to get the message across to your audience. A unique perspective, and outside-the-box thinking is required to turns heads. Here are some of the 20 best advertising billboards ever. #20 – Glassex The final copy of the ad
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