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5 Famous Filipino Wedding Gown Designers

Aside from the wedding ceremony itself, the bride’s dress is the talk of the town. It adds to her beauty and boosts the brilliance of the event (aside from wedding photography services). What boosts the “oomph” factor of the bride’s … Read More


5 Essential Elements that Make Up a Beautiful Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir photography shoot is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have. It’s an experience that allows you to explore the sexy side of your personality. Moreover, it’s also a chance to rediscover your beauty and boost your … Read More


What Is A Ting Hun?

One of the most interesting aspects of Chinese and Pinoy cultures is that they have such a rich traditional heritage for particular events, most especially in weddings. One of these rituals is known as the Ting Hun. No, Ting Hun … Read More


How to Get That 1940′s Boudoir Look

Before boudoir photography fully embodied the sensuality and sexuality of the female form, would you believe that it entered a period where experimentation of light and shadow, natural charm, appeal, and full clothing? This is what characterized boudoir, or glamour … Read More


The Future of Boudoir Photography

In terms of female art – from paintings to pictures – boudoir photography has been around long enough to show evidence of its evolution. From the evocation of natural beauty and grace to promoting sensuality and sexuality, boudoir has taken … Read More


The 10 Best Christmas Print Ads Ever

As Christmas time draws near, this is the season for companies to make loads of money by promoting their products and services all over the place. You’ll be sure to see billboards as you drive along the highway. Though there … Read More


Why You Should Hire Imagine Nation For Your Advertising Photography Needs

So, you, or your company, has a product that you believe will revolutionize whatever industry you’re in. That’s great! You want to get into mass marketing/promotion as soon as possible to make sure it gets decent market exposure and return … Read More


INP as Tatak Batang Malaya Awardee 2013

December 5, 2013 marked the day when International Labour Organization (ILO) recognized Imagine Nation Photography as a “Tatak Batang Malaya” Awardee at the Midas Hotel. The said award was given to companies who fully supported ILO on its campaign known … Read More


Church, Garden, or Beach – Where Should I Get Married?

Knowing the venue for your wedding to take place is just as important as making the decision to do so. That mutual decision must come from both the husband and wife, and no one else. It is, after all, their … Read More


9 Uniquely Creative Prenuptial Shots

Wedding buzz can create such an exciting moment for the happy couple. The happiness and joy can’t be contained that they have to be shared through invitations and even prenuptial photography. But how do you come up with a prenup … Read More


6 Gorgeous Dresses You Can Draw Inspiration From

Women have to look their absolute best, even during the prenuptial shoot. Prenuptial photography may reflect the couple’s interests, a memorable location or era in time close to their heart. In any of these cases, deciding for a specific outfit … Read More


A Traditional Or Modern Wedding – What Do You Think?

By experience, some of the most interesting conflicts stem from the convergence of old versus new perspectives. These are conflicts where ideologies from different generations clash with one another. And in the end, one has to concede. Kind of like … Read More


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Are more Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise My Photography Business? A: Advertising your business is important, but sometimes it also gets very expensive. However, there are some painless ways to advertise such as social media, a blog or simply second shooting … Read More


Search is ON for Imagine Nation Photography’s Batch 10!

WHO WE ARE:  Imagine Nation is the first photography company to push for its photographers in a talent management style of training. It is only currently, the only one that has proven its effectivity — pushing into successful career not … Read More


5 Online Advertising Tips That Will Surely Help Your Product

Online advertising is a completely different animal altogether. Unlike traditional advertising, where one just resorts to billboard and poster campaigns, online advertising has the unique feature of instantly reaching out to netizens and increase promo and sales, if done right. … Read More


Boudoir Photography: Why Do Women Do It

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of women scantily clad in underwear or lingerie while doing sultry poses. You probably thought that these were lewd and offensive to look at. But the truth is that those were most likely boudoir photography shots. … Read More


Shoot for a Cause by Jed Calara

My heart is filled with sorrow from watching the news and hearing about the devastation and casualties brought about by typhoon Yolanda. I was supposed to go on a leisure trip to Bantayan Island on the 21st, but after seeing … Read More


5 Hairstyles You Should Try For Your Prenup

It is no wonder why prenuptial photography is given a lot of importance. It is a preview of what the wedding will be like. For women, this can be a pretty stressful time. Aside from choosing the perfect outfit and … Read More


The 5 Elements Of A Great Movie Poster Design

Movies, or films (depending on how you decide to call them), are products that also need advertising. When promoting a film, they showcase the actors’ talents, crew’s hard work, and financial capabilities of the studio that gave the green light … Read More


The History Of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir started in the 1920s as nude photography. During this era, photos of naked women were illegal and even considered pornography. Read More